10 Tips to Dress Well in The College

The Indian College scene today is a myriad fusion of western as well as Indian outfits accessorized beautifully by the modern girls of today. College Girls who are just out of their schools and free to dress up in clothes of their choice, take up this opportunity to showcase their fashion sense and dress up in some smart clothes every day.

10 Tips to Dress Well in The College

These girls keep in mind the various fashion, footwear, jewelry, and makeup trends to look their best and most happening amongst their friends. If you are in college and want some tips on how to dress up well in college, then the below-mentioned guide will help you make the right decision:


1. Perfectly Fitting Blue Jeans

An omnipresent ensemble in everyone’s wardrobe, a pair of blue jeans with the perfect fit can never go wrong. Once you are in college, most of your waking hours are going to be spent here and so you must dress up in garments that are cool to look at as well as make yourself feel comfortable. Well-fitted body-hugging denim easily camouflages some of your excess body fat too.

2. Cotton Tops and Tees

Easy on your pocket and cool for the fashion police, cotton tops, blouses, and tees look great when paired with denim. These can be purchased in bulk and can be easily matched with your blue denim.

3. Kurtis in Latest Styles

Cold shoulders, raglans, full-sleeved, short-sleeved, sleeveless, and many more! There is no end to the choice of kurtis available in the market today. Ensure that you get a few with the latest cuts, necks, and sleeve patterns to give a cool vibe to your friends. Short kurtis look great with denim and long ones look good with palazzo pants or leggings. But while picking your kurtis, ensure that you focus more on the cut, fabric, and color and do not go for work or embellishments as these will give a very dressy look.


4. Leggings in Mixed Hues

Leggings are the quintessential part of any female’s wardrobe today. Pick them in varied shades so that it gets easy for you to mix and match them with your kurta. You can wear leggings in monochromatic or contrast shades. This comfortable garment is preferred among college students.

5. Suitable Tote Bag

When you are in college, it makes sense to carry a comfortable and large tote bag that can contain all your books, necessary accessories, and your wallet. It also looks more fashionable and classy than carrying a school-bag type of bag. Get a tote bag in neutral colors so that it can easily match your everyday attire.

6. A Good Pair of Flats or Sneakers

Invest in a good pair of comfortable shoes while in college. Either you can go for sneakers or comfortable flats that can match your denim and leggings. Sandals and high-heeled wedges will make you uncomfortable for long college hours.

7. Stunning Pair of Glares

These do not have to be very costly. You can pick the latest style at affordable rates. Ensure that you pick a style that suits your face and also provides protection against the sun. Sunglasses not only look very fashionable but also protect from the sun when you travel to your college.

8. Be Light on Your Make-up

You are now in college does not mean that you get a chance to paint your face every day! Be light and sensible with your makeup so as not to attract undue attention or spoil your skin. An eyeliner or a thick line of kohl is most acceptable while in college.

9. Invest in Light Accessories

While accessorizing your outfit in college, always keep it light and simple. Focus on wearing one statement piece of jewelry and avoid the others. If you are wearing earrings, then balance the look with a statement ring and skip the neckpiece and if you are wearing a cool neckpiece, then avoid earrings and rings. A good watch is a must for every style of dressing.


10. Be Confident

The final tip for dressing well in college is confidence. You need to carry yourself well regardless of what you wear.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will look cool, funky, and very fashion-conscious for your college.


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