How to Look Good in T-Shirt and Jeans

A pair of jeans with a T-shirt is the most commonly worn apparel today. Denim when paired with tees resonates with a cool and comfortable look and yet manages to make the wearer look classy and stylish. There is something about a pair of jeans that sets it above any other bottom wear for both men and women.

If you too love wearing jeans and t-shirts and want to rock your look with different styles, then we have got some cool tips that can enhance your persona and add oodles of charm to your overall look.

How to Look Good in T-Shirt & Jeans

Add a cool quotient to your jeans and t-shirt look by:


1. Picking the Right Fit Jeans

You can have several pairs of jeans in your wardrobe, but if none of them fit well, then they will not flatter your figure the way a pair of denim is supposed to do. The first rule to look good in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is to choose the right-fitting jeans. These need not be very costly but ensure that you try them well. If they are too long, get them tapered from below and ensure that they are not too tight or too loose on your waist.

2. Choose the Right Length for your T-Shirt

A t-shirt enhances the overall look of your denim only if they are of the right length. Do not pick tees that are too ill-fitting or too long. If you are heavy on the bottom, you can select a tee that reaches just where your hips end. Similarly, the right fit matters too. If you are too skinny, you can wear a tucked-in tee to show your curves. If you are on the healthier side, consider wearing a size larger so as to camouflage your extra curves.

3. Wear a T-shirt According to the Occasion

There are various kinds of T-shirts available. Different neck patterns such as mandarin, round, V-neck, polo, or boat neck are available. Similarly, for the sleeve lengths, you get full-sleeves, sleeveless, and half-sleeves. While full sleeves look apt during chilly weather, you can wear short-sleeved tees or sleeveless tees in the summer. When it comes to neck patterns, a round or a V-neck tee can look too casual whereas a polo can ooze a formal look too. So depending upon the occasion, choose your kind of T-shirt with a pair of jeans.


4. Accessorize Just the Right

If you are wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a party or a formal occasion, then you can accessorize with a pair of beaded necklaces or a funky-looking bracelet. However, t-shirts and jeans do not look good with Indian ethnic style jewelry, so refrain from wearing those. You can also wear a scarf or tie a stole around your neck over your solid-colored tee to jazz up the look.

5. Wear the Right Footwear

The right footwear is very important when you want to look good in your jeans and T-shirt. Mostly a pair of flats or wedges look good. When you want to go in for a dressy look, you can also wear a pair of stilettoes with your jeans.

6. Walk with Confidence

Finally, the most important piece of advice to look good in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt is the right amount of confidence in your walk. Walk with confidence oozing out from you so that you can attract the onlooker. Confidence makes any dress look great.

All these tips, when followed effectively, will make anyone look good in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. This pair is one of the most preferred ensembles in the world and these tips will help you rock the look perfectly.

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