The Story of an “UNFIT” Jeans

Attention Girls!

Worried about the right fit?

Obviously, we’re talking about Jeans this time. Even after having the same waist size, the last summer’s jeans aren’t fitting in?  Come let’s take a tour and find out.

Didn’t change your diet or skip your workout session Yet, the skinny jeans do not fit anymore?

That’s a bit shocking but have you all realized, it could not be you? If yes, then Don’t worry, it is totally not you. Sometimes, the size of the waist does not change but slacker jeans do. Hence, do not compromise on your outstanding routine. We ran a survey and got to the conclusion that even after changing schedules and diets, women find it difficult to pull off the skinny jeans that were perfectly fit before!

Unfit Jeans



Fabric’s Nature of Shape Shifting

Complaint! Complaint! Complaint! We get you. It is frustrating when jeans are slacks from the knees and waist after a few months of purchase. The solution is “Shop better next time” Here are some exclusive tricks for you: Slacker jeans look amazing when you try them out in the showroom for the first time. They exclusively pull off your wow legs shape and you think “it is the one.” However, stretch in the fabric is common. The reason for the fabric’s shapeshift is indefinite washing and wear. To the women out there, save time, energy, money, and jeans quality by washing them for the minimum cycle. It helps!

Go for an Expert’s Suggestion

Is your waist size 28? Amazing! You must be proud. However, some brand says that your size is 30. I know, the shock you feel in your body. Well, that’s the trick! Not all brands have similar mannequins to attain an impression of the perfect figure while designing jeans. Thus, different brands can distinguish in the context of waist size and trick you into thinking “you have gained weight or something.” If yes, then while shopping for perfect jeans, take the advice of showroom assistants. They handle a whole lot of women throughout the day. They have an idea of what will fit you!

‘You may be a fan of one brand. However, sometimes evolution from one brand to another is good.’

Wrong Use of Detergents

Wrong washing products? Ugh! The classic excuse that you girls may not believe. But, indeed when it comes to jeans, only a single wrong wash can spoil all the perks. As mentioned earlier, jeans with soft fabric shift shape if overly washed. By the same logic, the jeans usually shrink and usually do not go back to the right shape ever again, if the wrong detergent is used. Hence pay attention to the “wash” section on the label or tag before risking its quality and size to any kind of detergent. It makes an observable difference!

Match Your Jeans with Your Lifestyle

Girls are known for style. So do you and your lifestyle. It is considered a significant element. While shopping, we’re often sick of the question “Where will I wear this one?” Tough question right? Because when you go somewhere fancy, you be like “I have nothing good to wear” Thus why not keep this question in mind while shopping for jeans? If you are a field-work woman, the clothes must represent your confidence and comfort. With all the workday sweat you’re not only allowed to shapeshift but affect your body shape as well. Hence see what’s more comfortable during purchase than what’s on trend.



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