Best Office Ethnic and Traditional Wear for Women

Many of us wear Indian traditional clothes every day to work or to the office. They make us feel secure and safe and sometimes, we feel more comfortable in traditional clothes. Some other times, there are various office norms and dress codes that require us to dress in Indian traditional clothes only. Many of us are bounded by strict rules at home which compel us to wear Indian clothes.

Whatever the reason, while you are wearing traditional clothes to the office every day, there are ways in which you can look very stunning and smart. While elegance is all about how you carry yourself, it also depends a tad bit on how and what you mix and match.

Here are some wardrobe essentials with the help of which your everyday office traditional wear can be made smart and interesting:

Stock on Basics:

Basics like some solid-colored Kurtas, black and white palazzo pants, and some solid-colored leggings are a must-have as these can be mixed and matched with anything.


Multi-colored Scarves and Stoles:

Buy some pretty printed scarves and stoles to help you create a different look every day. You can mix and match these stoles with different colors of kurtas or pants in vivid combinations. Also, learn how to drape your scarves and stoles in different ways to perk up your everyday dressing.

Accessorize Well:

Accessories are an important part of your daily dressing. Ensure that you invest in some beaded necklaces, earrings, and interesting bangles or bracelets to enhance your everyday attire. If you want to wear yellow on a particular day, you can choose a white solid kurta with leggings and dress up the whole look with a yellow dupatta and some sunshine yellow bangles. You can alternatively wear a statement yellow colored ring. This same dress can be again accessorized in a combo of blue with a blue dupatta. This is how you can mix and match different colors to get different looks on a low budget for office daily.



Footwear with traditional wear is quintessentially mojaris, flat sandals, kolhapuris, and bellies. Get a few in basic shades and add character and comfort to your office dress.

Basic Etiquettes for Office Dress Code:

  • Do not wear revealing clothes. Ensure that your neckline is at a decent level.
  • Do not wear too many blingy or jazzy clothes to the office. Your accessories and garments should have a pleasing and subtle look. Keep your golds and silvers for parties and not offices.
  • If carrying a dupatta, ensure that it is neatly kept in place. A constantly falling dupatta or your saree pallu can be very annoying.

Be comfortable and confident in your dress. After all, it is the elegance and confidence with which you carry your clothes that matter. Your budget need not be too high or too elaborate. Just a few basic tips on good matching will make you one of the best-dressed persons in your office.


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