Myglamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Hi-Shine Lipstick-Ruby Runway (Red), 4gm

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Introducing Myglamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Hi-Shine Lipstick in the shade Ruby Runway, a 4gm tube of high-shine lipstick that is perfect for adding a bold and vibrant pop of color to your lips. This lipstick is part of the Myglamm Manish Malhotra Beauty collection, which is known for its high-quality and fashionable makeup products.

This lipstick is formulated with a unique blend of oils, waxes, and pigments that provide intense color, high shine, and long-lasting wear. The Ruby Runway shade is a vibrant and bold red color that is perfect for making a statement. The high-shine formula gives your lips a glossy and plump look, making them look fuller and more youthful.

The lipstick is easy to apply and glides on smoothly, providing a comfortable and lightweight feel on the lips. The sleek and stylish design of the tube makes it easy to store in your purse or makeup bag, and the built-in mirror makes it easy to touch up your lipstick on the go.

Myglamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Hi-Shine Lipstick in the shade Ruby Runway is perfect for those who want a high-shine and long-lasting lipstick that provides intense color and a bold statement. The shade is perfect for any occasion and can be paired with any outfit. Try it today and see the difference it makes in your overall look.