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    Best Lip Balms for Women in India for Dry Lip & Dark Lip

    Best Lip Balms in India for Dry Lip & Dark Lip

    Lip Balms managed to change the way Indian Women prepped their lips. With a light tinge of color, lovely fragrance and immense hydration quotient, lip balms became an immediate favorite with college women and young girls. Earlier, when lip balms were not invented, women had to apply petroleum jelly before applying lipstick in winters to prevent their lips from getting chapped and dry. Lip balms, are available in an easy-to-apply tube too and this made it very easy for application. There are many lip balm brands available in India, but a few have garnered a lot of praise and love owing to their high-quality and good results. These are shimmery,…

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    8 Best Lipstick Shades for Dark Lips & Dark Skin in India

    Best Lipstick Shades For Dark Lips and Dark Skin

    The reception of dark skin in India is slowly changing as more and more people are realizing the beauty of a healthy skin, no matter what color it is. Dark skin is nothing but the presence of a lot more content of melanin on the skin than that in fair-skinned women. When it comes to dark skin, women often feel that too much makeup will not look good on them. Dark skinned women in India often give lipstick a miss thinking that it will look weird on their face. But the fact is that there are some gorgeous lipstick shades that can enhance dark skin even more. Here are some…