Top 5 Trending Lipstick Shades for Summer in India

Having been cooped in for a relatively long time due to Covid-19, we definitely need some fascinating colors in our life, especially ladies! With masks covering almost the entire part of your beautiful face, now is the time to add some tint to make yourselves refreshing and pretty all again.

5 Hottest Trending Lipstick Shades for Summer 2021

Lipsticks have always been an integral part of makeup for ages. Doesn’t matter if you are drawn towards a funky bright tint or a calm nude color, lipsticks are one of those mandates in your purse that should tag along with you wherever you go. But with so many choices around, don’t you feel confused as ever? Well, worry not ladies! To help you narrow down your choices, here are some of the best summer lipstick colors that you’re going to see everywhere. Scroll through to find the right one for you.

Top 5 Lipstick Shades to Explore in Summer 2021

Light-weighted, long-lasting lip color is what we all look for. To make your summer lipstick choices more accurate, here is a list of top colors you should try out this summer.


1. A Vibrant Fuchsia Lipstick is one of those choices that takes up the responsibility of brightening up every skin tone. There are two kinds of fuchsias—hot-pink ones and violet ones. Where the hot pink or even the brightest shade of fuchsia one can find for the fair-skinned fairies, the purple-magenta or violet speaks highly to the dark-skinned queens. As for the lovely olive skin tone, bright pink corals work wonders and are just enough warm to bring out your skin’s golden undertones.

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2. Nude Lipsticks are super versatile and one can never go wrong with the right nude lipstick shade that flatters their skin tone. The more you understand your undertone, the easier it will be to pick the perfect shades for your complexion. If dusty nude pink lipsticks enhance the natural color of the fair-cool undertones, then nude lipstick shades with orange or beige undertones add a flawless flush of color to the fair-warm undertones.

As far as medium and olive skin tones are concerned, the best nude lipstick with warm undertones like caramel, beige, and orange that complements your natural yellow undertones while with slightly cooler undertones, look for a subtle blush pink nude lipstick shade that is just a touch darker than your lips.

The best nude lipstick shade for those with deep and dark skin tones should have rich undertones of chocolate brown or red.

Sounds a bit more tricky than usual, but worth the effort, isn’t it?

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3. Red is the Color of Love, nobody can deny that fact right? Still among a variety of red lipstick choices like dark red, maroon, burgundy, coral red, etc. the one true bright red tint that surpasses all is the cherry red color. Play with a matte or creamy texture, you can’t go wrong with this power-pact color. Sensuality is the key here!

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4. Bored of the Usual Bold Tones? Try out the subtler Peach Shade Lipsticks for a stunning statement. For fair skin tones, try natural peach hues such as coral peach lipstick or peach pink lipstick or peachy brown lipstick, or peachy nude lipstick for a more natural look. For olive and tan-skinned tones, we recommend choosing dark peach lipstick or coral peach lipstick. It’s high time for the dusky skin tone beauties to ditch the naturals and aim for Plum or red undertones. You can also don dark peach lipstick and don’t be afraid to experiment with radiant colors.

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5. Want to be more adventurous than you already are? Here is a new Juicy Coral Tangerine Lip Color that matches your mood. Where tangerine lipstick with peach or coral undertones works perfectly with fair skin tones; vibrant orange shades with undertones of bronze, cinnamon, copper, or cranberry are a perfect fit for the wheatish tones. Choose lipsticks like blood orange or red-orange to perfectly compliment the dusky skin tones and set a rage this summer.

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Be any shade or hue, nothing matches the vibrance a lady exudes. Playing with colors has always been fun and the newly introduced shades are trying to keep up with the moods and occasions. So, don’t let covid steal your shine and sway the world with your perfect match!

Which is your favorite Lipstick Shade? Share your opinion with us.


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