Best Makeup Tips for Summer - New Ways to do Makeup This Summer
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Best Makeup Tips for Summer – New Ways to Do Makeup

Summer lets you do some wonderful things, but those melted foundations or super sticky lipsticks are enough to make you crazy. The market is full of several makeup products, but what to apply and when is the biggest question these days. As the weather is getting hotter, you must be wondering about the ways that will keep your face looking fresh and natural.


If you wonder about creating a summery look without those heavy or melting products, you should choose the products wisely. You should focus on everything from picking the right products to picking the right colors and finishes. You can find some of the most popular ways to get that summery look to suit the hot summer months down below.

Begin with a choice of summer-friendly products

Well, you can begin your summer makeup goals by picking the products that suit you best for the hot weather. Try to use oil-free moisturizer. If you don’t have oily skin, you should try out this for hydrated skin on a sunny day. You can choose a product that says oil free. Try Ponds super light gel moisturizer for best use.

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Don’t forget the sunscreen

To beat the heat, sunscreen is the best choice. It helps your skin look youthful and healthy. Be sure to select the oil-free sunscreen with SPF 30 at least. For your help, Neutrogena Ultra sheer dry touch Sunblock will serve the best role.

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Be selective while picking the makeup products

Always remember to pick the gel based or liquid based products for summer make over. You should avoid those cream based makeup products as you will get a greasy after effect after applying them. Like, you can pick a liquid concealer instead of a creamy one. A liquid concealer also helps you to avoid those foundation creams as it completes the look.

Even for a lipstick choice, let’s replace those creamy and matte lipsticks with lip stain. It will give you a long lasting color touch with no more heavy lipstick feeling.

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Water-resistant products are in

If you want to avoid those smudged eyes or melted gloss on your face, you should try out only water-resistant products. With such water-resistant labeled products, you can enjoy those special weddings with comfort.

Get ready for that sun-kissed look

Do you want to be ready for that sun-kissed look? If you are about to dive into that ocean of sun rays, you should be ready enough to beat the hot weather. Try out the bronzer on the areas which receive direct touch from the sun’s rays. Use a powdered bronzer on the forehead, cheekbones, nose and chin area. Apply it properly.

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Sheer lipstick and eyeshadow will give a natural look

Though you love dark colors, they give a heavy look in summer. Try some natural ways this summer with sheer lipstick and eyeshadow range. If, you are not happy with sheer makeup, you can opt for neutral colors to get a natural or no makeup look. For eyeshadow, you can pick on bright or aqua eyeshadow for a vibrant look.

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Keeping your makeup light will suffice

If you are expecting a long day in the sun, try to keep the makeup light. It will help you to keep your face fresh the whole day long. Keep a few products in makeup. The fewer, the better rules will apply right here.

Apply primer to keep the makeup long time

For a long, sweaty day, it’s always best to keep a primer on your makeup list. You can apply the primer before applying the foundation or after applying the moisturizer and sunscreen. It will help you to keep your makeup in place.

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An eye-primer is a must

Are you the one who faces the issue of that cranky eye shadow? Well, if you apply an eye-primer before applying the eyeshadow, it will keep it lasting.

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Finish your look with a translucent spray

It’s something that will keep your makeup in place during those hot and humid days of summer.

The above ways will let you enjoy your outing in summer without feeling stressed by that fallen makeup. Just be prepared with the right makeup tricks and you can beat the heat.


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