Best Traditional Dussehra Dresses for Men

Every Indian festival has its own charm and significance. Indians celebrate every festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. This excitement is showcased in the efforts they put in for the decorations, the food preparations, the rituals and ceremonies, and even their clothes. Festivals are a time when people get a chance to dress up in their traditional dresses and flaunt their ethnic love. Today, with the influence of Western culture, jeans, and dresses have dominated our wardrobes and our comfort factors, but when it comes to festival celebrations, Indians love to dress up in their traditional best to display their love for their country and its traditions.


Dussehra is a famous festival celebrated in India to mark the victory of good over evil. It is the day when the evil King Ravana was killed by God Ram. Indians rejoice on this day every year by making huge effigies of Ravana and burning it. The burnt effigy showcases that every bad deed or every bad person meets his end this way. Dussehra is celebrated as Vijayadashami is South India and people consider this day sacred and auspicious to start any new job or new work.

If you have a Dussehra celebration coming up with your friends and family, then you must dress up in your best Ethnic clothes to impress one and all. If you are confused about what to wear, then this guide will help you look your ethnic best this festive season:

Dresses or Outfits for Men

Today, not only women, but even men take great care in their personal dress. There are a lot of ethnic wear options for men too. Here is what men can wear to look their traditional best this Dusshera festival:

1. Kurtas

Ethnic wear is not only comfortable but can also make you look elegant and classy. There are various types, fabrics, and lengths of kurtas to adjust to different comfort levels and occasions. Short kurtas also double up as semi-casual shirts that need not be tucked in. So avoid these for Dusshera. Instead, opt for long kurtas. Long Kurtas, on the other hand, look better for a formal look. They can be worn in casual or small Pooja ceremonies at home, casual get-togethers with relatives at home, or such regular events. The dressier the fabric or the work on the kurta, the more formal it gets.


2. Churidaars and Salwaars

Churidars have been prevalent in the Indian traditional scene for quite a long. It was worn by men with kurtas even before Independence. Churidars are a type of skinny pajama with multiple churis or creases formed at the ankle. Salwars are more common in Pakistani attire for men. Indian men wear salwars under their kurtas too. Salwars are pleated trousers that taper towards the bottom and are fitted around the ankles. Salwars are typically worn by Indian men under their Sherwanis. So, choose your pick between a churidar or a salwar and flaunt your Indian avatar.

3. Nehru Jacket

Dusshera festivities are perfect for donning a Nehru jacket.  A Nehru Jacket or a Modi Jacket is quite versatile and can be worn for semi-formal or formal occasions. Wear long kurtas with churidar or salwar and pick a contrasting shade of Nehru jacket to cast an impression.

4. Footwear with Traditional Attire

Matching footwear with traditional kurtas and Sherwanis is equally important as these do not look good with regular oxfords, formal shoes, loafers, moccasins, or slippers. Kurta Pyjama or Sherwanis look good with juttis, Kolhapuri chappals, and leather sandals.


So, this Dusshera festival, ensure that you dress up in any of the traditional dresses for men and look your ethnic best!


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