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5 Summer Wardrobe Must-haves to Beat the Heat

Being trendy with fashion is something we all crave, but no wardrobe is complete without the essentials. Whether it is a simple plain white tee or a very classy maxi dress, these items are of utmost importance to your closet for the approaching summer. You need to know about them inside out, to up your game this season.  The following list screams about the staples to make sure that you have the most “chic” ey season ahead.

5 Summer Wardrobe Must-haves To Beat The Heat

1. Classic White Tee

Well, to begin with, the very thought of a plain white tee might not be big of a deal, but it is the most versatile piece of clothing to ever exist. This simple summer style buddy can practically pair you up with anything you throw at it.


White Tee Pair-up Ideas

  • White tee and a pair of blue jeans is an absolute no-brainer.
  • Tuck it with a cute little mini-skirt.
  • Pair it up with denim shorts and minimalist pair of white sneakers.
  • Layer it up with a matching set.

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2. Boyfriend Jeans

A pair of baggy boyfriend jeans is a must for your wardrobe without an excuse, because why not? Casual and comfy, this piece of clothing will gear you up to be the coolest chic in the heat. Keep in mind to go for a lighter shade rather than a darker one.

Boyfriend Jeans Pair-up Ideas

  • Pair it up with a white tee, we told you twice now.
  • A white or a summery colored shirt tucked in, absolutely timeless.
  • Cropped top with it, is a bliss.

Not the least, layering with a jacket is something you should definitely try.

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3. White Sneakers

This simple, sober, yet minimalistic shoe is a basic need of summer-time. Whether a hectic day or a lazy weekend, it gets the job done. Slip it in, tie the laces and you are good to go. Do we need to stress more on this must-have?


Must Have White Sneakers

  • Denim shorts and these sneakers, when in doubt.
  • Of course, with a one-piece.
  • Just slip in to your white pair when you’re going for a matching summer outfit.
  • White Sneakers are a must while you’re choosing your maxi dress to be the outfit for that weekend.
  • The baggy jeans strike back, and this time teams up with the pair. Truly, an unbeatable duo.

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4. Denim Shorts

The time of the year where you get the full-fledged opportunity to flaunt your sexy legs. These are the perfect go-to for your weekend getaway, or maybe you are just hanging around the city with your bestie. We have already tipped you once, but won’t mind coming up with it once again, try to opt for a light summery shade and you will be all good.

Denim Shorts Pair Up Ideas

  • A luxurious, silky button up with a pair of distressed jeans is an absolute combo.
  • Goes well with a cropped top.
  • And of course, the most versatile of them all, a classic white tee.
  • Try this out! A slinky tank tucked in to your denim. We bet you won’t regret it.

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5. Cross-body Bags

You can consider to be a summer wardrobe to be incomplete if there isn’t a splash of colour added to it. Most of us, in general, opts for a brightly shaded garment, try grabbing one of these boldly accented accessories to enhance your summer statement.

Gift yourself a piece, today!

  • There are endless possibilities to discuss the fact that how you can carry a cross-body bag.
  • You can get some ideas from the above pictures, and get a good idea of how beautifully they are carrying their personality, which is further enhanced by this small yet effective accessory.
  • You can obviously try out all the pairing up possibilities we have already given you a heads-up about.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match, as this accessory is as versatile as our beloved white tee.

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In A Nutshell

To sum it all up, the way you should be considering building a summer wardrobe is by sticking to the basics. The essentials would be your go-to, your style statement! Every once in a while, do not afraid to try out a new kind of mix and match. Never hesitate to try out bold colours, also to be kept in mind that the basics would be your summer season’s laying foundation to the wardrobe.


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