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    How to Look Good in T-Shirt & Jeans

    How to Look Good in T-Shirt & Jeans

    A pair of jeans with a t-shirt is the most commonly worn apparel today. Denims when paired with tees resonate with a cool and comfortable look and yet manage to the make the wearer look classy and stylish. There is something about a pair of jeans that sets it above any other bottom wear for both men and women. If…

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    10 Tips to Dress Well in College

    The Indian College scene today is a myriad fusion of western as well as Indian outfits accessorized beautifully by the modern girls of today. College Girls who are just out of their schools and free to dress up in clothes of their choice, take up this opportunity to showcase their fashion sense and dress up in some smart clothes every…

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    The Story of an “UNFIT” Jeans

    Attention Girls! Worried about the right fit? Obviously we’re talking about Jeans this time. Even after having the same waist size, the last summer’s jeans isn’t fitting in?  Come let’s take a tour and find out. Didn’t changed your diet or skip your workout session Yet, the skinny jeans do not fit anymore? That’s a bit shocking but have you…

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    Best Office Ethnic & Traditional Wear for Women in India

    Many of us wear Indian traditional clothes every day to work or for office. They make us feel secure and safe and sometimes, we feel more comfortable in traditional clothes. Some other times, there are various office norms and dress codes which require us to dress in Indian traditional clothes only. Many of us are bounded by strict rules at…

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    Casual Summer Outfits Ideas for Women to Look Stunning

    Western Outfits

    Summer is around the corner and its time to stock up on some lose fitting cottony clothes in your wardrobe. When it comes to flaunting latest fashionable clothes, there are myriad choices available in the market today. Every year, the fashion in India changes too. What was trending last year might not be the latest fashion this year. You need…

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    How to Pull-off Off-shoulder Tops & Dresses

    Ladies! Summer is here and undoubtedly, summer fashion has been loading with classy off-shoulder tops and dresses in 2019 trending clothing brands. More often, women buy off-shoulder clothing; however, fail to handle the style with confidence. It is noteworthy to mention how sometimes a beautifully designed classy dress can lead to a wardrobe malfunction due to its unique style of…