10 Best Night Creams for Glowing Skin in India

Night Creams are usually lotions, which are purposely designed to moisturize the skin deeply. They improve the natural repair function of the skin during the night. These are considered beauty wonders, which can work like magic on the skin of women while they’re asleep. They make the skin look new, flexible, and glowing in the morning.

8 Best Night Creams for Women in India

Night creams will not only moisturize your skin, but they will promote the production of collagen, as well. This will make your skin firmer, offering a perfect solution for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

Every day, the market is swamped with multi-use night creams, such as skin-lightening night creams, scar and dark spot-removing night creams, anti-aging night creams, etc. Therefore, you can choose one that is a perfect match for you according to your requirements.

Another benefit of choosing the best night cream is that it will offer a bounty of benefits to your skin. Whatever type of skin you have, they will work effectively by fighting against several skin disorders and making them look beautiful in a natural way.

If you wonder whether you need night cream, the answer is yes! Your skin will repair itself during night hours and thus, the best night cream can aid the entire process by making your skin flexible and soft.

Here are the 10 Best Night Creams for Women in India, which will make you look as if you are a sleeping beauty.


1. Lotus Herbal Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream

This women’s night cream of Lotus is an organic skincare product. It has been made to offer you the best results safely and naturally. This is because it includes Ginseng, which is renowned for its effective nourishing feature. It works effectively to promote the regeneration of your skin tissues. Moreover, the Alpha hydroxyl acid extracted from the grapes provides your skin with the required natural astringent, antioxidant, and antiseptic features naturally. Thus, it is considered the most luxurious nutrient-affluent night cream, as it assists greatly in renewing your skin while you sleep.

2. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening/Brightening Night Crème

Lakme offers this cream to women who would like to have an astounding revitalized face after their night’s sleep. Although this pink-colored cream takes some time to make your skin absorb it completely, it will offer the results you desire. Besides offering you fresh, soft, and glowing skin, the cream is capable of reducing all types of aging symptoms. It also gets rid of ugly spots, freckles, as well as blemishes from your skin safely and naturally. Above all, the cream is available with essential vitamins to lighten your skin.

How To Use: Step 1: Lightly scoop out the creme onto your palm. Step 2: Dot your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Step 3: Gently massage the creme with your fingers in an upward and outward direction in a spiral motion. Step 4: Make sure to cover every area of your face.

3. Olay Natural White Night Cream

Olay offers the combined effects of both a fairness cream, as well as a night cream. The manufacturer amazingly prepares this cream to offer soft and smooth skin to users when they wake up from their bed in the morning. The wealthy resource of Melanin in the cream makes it work effectively and resourcefully to lighten up your skin naturally. It is also the best and safest cream to remove dark spots from your skin and make it appear fresh in the morning.

How To Use: Using your fingertips, smooth evenly onto clean skin over the face and neck, once or twice a day. It can be used alone or under foundation makeup.

4. Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream

If you are looking for the perfect cream to repair your dead skin naturally and at the same time rejuvenate it while you sleep, then this miracle cream from Pond’s will be your best choice. This is because it is packed with vitamin B3, anti-aging retinol, and Vitamin E, offering you the right supplements to eliminate all types of wrinkles from your skin. The incorporation of essential vitamins into the cream makes it an extraordinary fairness formula. Thus, it is considered an extra nutritious as well as a revitalizing cream.

How To Use: Start by taking a small amount from the jar. Gently dabbing it all over the cleansed face. Massage the cream into your skin in circular motions till it’s fully absorbed. use this anti-aging night cream every night just before you go to bed.

5. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

This is one of the most effective creams offered by the reputed company, Himalaya Herbals. It has been specially designed to invigorate the skin naturally. The notable feature of this cream is that it is lightweight and it will melt into your skin effortlessly. As it also functions as an effective moisturizing agent, it is an ideal product if you have dry skin. The cream offers its users three main benefits, such as regeneration, hydration, as well as repair. This is because it will penetrate deeply into your skin to make it soft and flexible by rejuvenating it.

How To Use: Massage gently over cleansed face twice a day. Use regularly.

6. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

Biotique designs this night cream to offer firmer skin to women. This cream will offer a rich feeling to its users when it is applied while they’re asleep. The skincare product consists of a blend of pure Wheat Germ, which works effectively with almond and sunflower oils, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, as well as with Galangal and Carrot extracts. Thus, it can moisturize as well as strengthen your skin and make it appear vital, flexible, and young.

How To Use: Gently smooth over cleansed face and body with upward strokes, night.


7. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream


This night cream from Garnier will offer fresher, more renewed, and fairer skin while you apply it during the night hours. The ingredients that make it special include lemon essence, Yogurt Bifidus, Vitamin C, and White speed serum. These constituents will work mutually to offer you brighter and fairer skin. It will be capable of removing black spots from your skin easily and effectively right from the first day of the use of the cream. All you need is to spread the cream evenly on your cleansed skin while you sleep.

How To Use: Spread evenly on cleansed skin. Apply it on the face and neck area. Avoid delicate eye areas. For brighter skin, use it every night.

8. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream

This night cream for women from L’Oréal is infused with vitamin E and melanin. While Vitamin E offers necessary protection to your skin against free radicals and softens it, Melanin lessens pigmentation and brightens your skin. The rich formula of the cream will moisturize your skin and nourish it. It also works as an effective skin-whitening agent and eliminates even the most stubborn scars. As it offers you a 24-hour soft and fresh feeling, you can rest guaranteed so that you could wake up with brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin.

9. Khadi Natural Herbal Night Cream

This natural herbal night cream from Khadi is considered the most effective and safest skin care product for women. As the name suggests, this night cream is made of herbs to offer you only natural results. It has been perfectly designed to moisturize your skin naturally while you sleep. When you use the cream at night, it will be capable of offering maximum comfort to your skin the next day. This is because the cream has been made to calm your skin while you sleep. It can reinstate the natural protection system and moisturize your skin.

How To Use: Apply the cream over the face and neck. Gently massage and leave the cream overnight.

10. Forest Essentials Jasmine & Patchouli Night Treatment Cream

This night cream for women from Forest Essentials is celebrated for offering the required firmness and glow to the skin. The cream has been designed to provide your skin with the required flexibility and glow, as it is packed with enzymes and herbs in the right proportion. It will also hydrate your skin throughout the day, as it is crammed with hydration. This night cream also works effectively to heal a range of skin disorders, as it contains antioxidants. This is considered the safest and the most natural skin cream for women, as it does not contain petroleum, parabens, or synthetic colors.

How To Use: Massage a small amount on the face and neck using upward strokes after cleansing and toning, at night.


In this fast pace world, everyone leads a hectic lifestyle. This makes people find less or no time to take care of their health, particularly the health of their skin. If you are one among them, all you need to do is spare some time and apply one of the above-mentioned creams to your skin during nighttime to make you feel fresh again, when you wake up from your bed in the morning. All these creams for women need less time to use and work wonders for sure.

Which is your favorite Night Cream? Share your opinion with us.


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