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    8 Best Long-Lasting Kajals for Women in India

    8 Best Long-Lasting Kajals for Women in India

    Since time immemorial, Kajals have been a staple in women’s makeup kits. From warding off an ‘Evil Eye’ to using it for the prevention of some dead-serious diseases like blepharitis, cataract, and conjunctivitis. As technology grew by leaps and bounds, so did the Kohl pencils. Applying Kohl to the eyes adds another dimension to the eye makeup, completes the whole look, and empowers the owner. It brightens the eyes and gives them definition, and depth. Even today, the brands are trying to come up with yet a different and innovative black that you can hop on to. It’s rightly said that any makeup is not complete without a Kajal and…

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    How to Grow Thicker Eyebrows & Longer Eyelashes

    6 Best Ways to Grow Thicker Eyebrows & Longer Eyelashes Naturally

    Ready to flaunt the arched eyebrows and luscious eyelashes curled enough to say Hi? But wait! Are those naturally yours or makeup magic? No doubt you spent loads on those lash-lifting curlers, thick mascaras, and eyebrow pencils, but upon removal, do your sparse eyebrows, and scanty eyelashes give you a sigh? If yes, then this article is for you. Makeup takes a toll on our natural beauty, and that’s a scientifically proven blame that they endure. Besides lifting your spirits, putting on heavy makeup for longer hours can hinder the natural hair from growing and the soft skin from breathing. But I am not suggesting dropping your makeup kit forever.…

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    How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress

    7 Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Outfits

    What’s on your mind? Are you brooding for elite wedding attire and exclusive matching accessories? Seeking an eye-popping gown or pocket-friendly mediums? Well, whatever the occasion, arranging or planning an inch-perfect wedding milieu is, somewhat, of a daunting chore, which involves a mindful selection. Now, no worries at all, here we’ve got you covered with all the nitty-gritty that let your marriage turn into a castle in the air. To every folk, a wedding is a one-in-a-million event. When you were a teen, you must have had nuptial hallucinations in your mind, viz. your appearance, getup, meritorious background around you, marriage site, and on and on!! And when the day…

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    10 Best Face Washes for Men & Women

    10 Best Face Wash for Men & Women in India

    Are you hunting for the Best Face Wash in India? There are so many face washes available to choose from, that too, finding the best one can be really confusing. The markets today are flooded with tons of face wash brands. All the products come with attractive logos and claims, making us want to try each one of them. But if you actually need the best face wash without wasting time and money, then you need some expert advice. A face wash is a foaming cleanser that gently removes make-up, dirt, oil, and other grime from your face. It unclogs your pores without the use of harsh detergents found in…

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    10 Best Deodorants for Women in India

    Best Deodorants for Women in India

    It is said “The First Impression is the Last One” and undoubtedly body odor is included too. Talking about nowadays, perfume happens to be an essential need for almost everyone. However being a woman you’ve got to protect not just your skin but the freshness and the happy smile too, especially when you go out in the sun or in a dusty polluted environment. So what now? A pleasing and long-lasting deodorant for women will offer you the perfect aroma throughout the day. If you would like to buy a safe as well as long-lasting deodorant for women in India, you may need to choose the most trusted and reputed…