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Everyday Winter Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin

Winter is all set to arrive in its glory! But with the lovely cool climate, one also has to bear the dry breeze which damages your skin, lips and makes your hair look lifeless. Many of us tend to cover our skin with layers and layers of thick cold creams in order to protect it from dryness. Some of us consider as no makeup” style. But here we have some excellent Winter Makeup Tips that can help you look your glamorous best even in the chilly winter climate. These winter makeup tips are followed by celebrities who have to look their best through out the year irrespective of seasons. Try these tips before applying makeup this winter season and we promise that your skin will not cry out!

Everyday Winter Makeup Tips for Indian Skin

Everyday Winter Makeup Tips



1. Lipstick

Applying lipstick over dry and chapped lips in winters makes your lips look patchy and weird. You do not get the desired colored pout and instead, your lips look as if they have been badly bruised. To avoid such an occurrence, it is best to apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips and then add just a tint of color to get a smooth lipstick effect. The Vaseline will protect your lips from dry weather and will act as a barrier from the chilly weather. For daytime, go for natural shades of lip balms that add a hint of color, and moisturize your skin, as well.

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2. Blusher

If you have very dry skin, then probably it will start getting peeled off in the cheeks and forehead area. If you want to dress up for an event and want to add a tint of blusher on your cheeks, a dry powder could further aggravate your dry skin. Apply an oil-free moisturizer on your cheeks first and then use creamy blush instead of the powder ones. Use creamy blush shades in corals, pinks, or browns depending upon your skin color.

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3. Moisturizers

Apply a night repair cream on your skin at night before sleeping and an oil-based day moisturizer during the day. Use a sun block moisturizer with SPF 50 to protect your skin against UV radiations.

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4. Foundation

If you want to apply a foundation, it is best to go for a matt or a souffle with some shimmer. You can also mix your foundation with your skin moisturizer and apply directly on your skin. This will give an even and moisturized effect on your entire face. Also spread it on your neck to avoid mis-match of shades.

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5. Eye-Shadows

Neutral colors like greys, pinks, nudes and browns are raging this winter season and so you should stock up on these shades. You can go for creamy shadows instead of powdery ones for winter season.

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6. Eye-Liner & Kajal

Defined eyes look best in winters. You can use chocolate browns or a charcoal shade to line your eyelids. Use dark kohl, but go for smudge-proof ones.

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7. Mascara

Winter is the time to be extra gentle on your skin and especially the area around your eyes as it is already very sensitive. It is advisable to use washable mascaras instead of waterproof ones as they are much easier to remove and there is relatively far less pulling and tugging on the skin which leads to visible fine lines.

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Remember, you should sport a healthy glow during winters and so lay more emphasis on your moisturizers. But do not use heavy moisturizers in the day as they only tend to stick dirt and pollution on your skin. It is best to go with a light oil-based moisturizer in the day and a thick one at night. Day winter makeup should be only a hint of eyeliner and lip balm, while night makeup can be a bit more glamorous with defined eyes and a creamy, dark pout.


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