How to Lose Weight Naturally and Faster

Addressed as ‘Fatso’, ‘Fatty’ or simply looked down on because of one’s weight has been a general norm for ages. Be it cinema, family functions, or institutions, some extra kilos put one to shame, casually sliding comments under one breath or out loud. Though the world is full of such bad samaritans, the recipient of such hatred and negligence feels miserable, depressed, and cut off from the groups.

3 Pro-Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

While some gain weight due to prolonged health conditions, treatments, or medications; others put on weight because their calorie intake is more compared to the burning of calories through body movement and functions. Though a lot has been said and written about weight loss remedies and supplements, everybody’s texture, working condition, and supplies are quite different than the others, hence you are here to know your body, and diet, and customize a healthy weight loss plan for yourself.


1. Calculate Calorie Intake:

This calculation might seem a bit tedious but trust me, it’s much needed. A careful study brings expected results rather than a mere estimation. A Calorie is a unit that measures the energy content of the food we eat. There are a variety of scientific calorie calculators available online. All you need is to feed honest data. Instead of going into the details of this calculation, we will dive right into the natural ways to lose weight. Are you still with me? Great!

Balanced Diet Plan

Skipping a meal to lose weight is never a clever idea. You need to eat healthily instead.


• High Protein Intake: Starting your day with a breakfast high in protein is a much healthier way to feel full. It suppresses Ghrelin secretion(‘Hunger Hormone’) and prevents overeating.

Foods like Kidney beans, Broccoli, Greek Yoghurt, Peanuts, Paneer, Eggs, Chickpeas, and Chicken breast trick your body into weight loss while maintaining your nutrient cycle.

• Snack Time: Incorporating healthy snacks reduce the addiction of falling into the trap of chips, biscuits, and other high-carb processed foods.

Include fruit, Nuts, Greek Yogurt, Eggs, Carrots, and a Whey protein shake to kill the will to chomp on unhealthy junk.

• The Whole Grain Saga: Rich in fiber and other nutrients, it keeps the hunger pangs under control and fills the hungry tummies for longer.

Add Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Quinoa, and Lentils to your diet, especially for lunch or dinner.

• Feed on the Fiber: Introducing Fiber to your diet is as important as any other nutrients. It promotes weight loss, lowers blood sugar levels, and combats constipation.

Fruits and veggies, to name a few: Avocado, Strawberry, Banana, Carrot, Beets, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Spinach, and Tomatoes are blessed with fiber content.


• Avoid Processed Foods: Laden with added sugars, fats, and nasty chemicals, they lure you to consume, and instead of getting trapped in those marketing strategies, staying away from them is rather a better choice.

Sugary Drinks, Fast foods like french fries, burgers, and sausages do harm more than good.

• Get on Low-Carb Diet: Carbohydrates are needed to supply the necessary energy to the body but there are some bad carbs too. Cutting out on some of them will surely lead you to a healthier path of weight loss.

White Rice, White bread, White pasta, Pancakes, Refined cereals, Sweetened yogurt, some fruits like- Raisins, Dates, Mangoes, and starchy veggies like-Corn, Potato, and Sweet potato can be avoided.

• Avoid Fast Munching: Eating faster increase the risk of gaining weight, and obesity and also aids in Type-2 Diabetes. So take your time and try eating twice as slowly for easy digestion and healthier weight loss.


2. Measure Your Drinks:

While some beverages prove to be the elixir of life, some additional weight, and diseases to your body.


• Black Coffee: Caffeine burns fat according to studies, hence consuming one cup a day can boost the metabolic rate and help in weight loss.

• Go Green: Green tea is widely popular these days and that’s not for nothing. It actually aids weight management, removes toxins, and gives you a flatter tummy.


• Say no to Liquid Calories: Some beverages contain a shocking amount of calories, especially sugary drinks that add up the calorie intake. Soda, Fruit drinks, Sweetened tea, and Lemonade contribute extra calories.

3. Move Your Muscle:

Exercise is essential in general but when it comes to weight loss, it is mandatory, and knowing the specific ones can hit the target. Try Squats, Lunges, Planks, Tricep Drips, Reverse crunches, and Bicycle crunches focusing on the tummy, thighs, and arms.

Yoga has been in trend these days and possesses a rich culture going back centuries with much to offer. A healthy lifestyle! Include the Plank pose, Warrior Pose, Triangle pose, Dog pose, Shoulder stand, Bridge pose, Twisted chair pose, Bow pose, and the all-around Surya Namaskara.

No matter what you eat or which kind of regime you follow, the diet sinks in only if you practice Mindful Eating, that is., paying attention to What, When, and How you consume the meals. Eat well, Grow Stronger, and welcome to the new you!

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