Fragrant Skin Black Orchid Scent & Juniper Oil Body Wash, 750ml





Want extra from your soap? Switch to Lux Fragrant Skin Body Wash for 3 extra benefits. Indulge in extra foam, extra softness with extra long-lasting fragrance. Bathe in fine fragrance inspired by the scent of Exotic Orchids & Juniper Oil, designed to give up to 12 Hours of lasting fragrance after shower. The luxurious scent of exotic Black Orchids will turn your shower into a moment of pure pleasure. Crafted by the one of best perfumers, top notes of kumquat peel and peach fill your senses before evolving into a seductive floral heart of black orchid, jasmine and peony for perfume that indulges your senses. At the base of this LUX fine fragrance body wash sits patchouli and sensual amber notes – rich scents that soften the fragrance and lingers on your skin.