Biotique Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash, 150ml




Biotique Honey Gel Soothe & Nourish Foaming Face Wash is a gentle and effective facial cleanser that is specially formulated to nourish and soothe the skin. It is made with pure honey, which is known for its natural moisturizing and nourishing properties, as well as a blend of other natural ingredients such as margosa and wild turmeric that work together to effectively cleanse the skin while leaving it feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.

The face wash comes in a convenient 150ml size and its gel-based formula lathers up into a rich foam that gently removes dirt, oil and impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It is also suitable for all skin types, it help to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, leaving the skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated. This product is manufactured by Biotique, an established and well-known Ayurvedic skincare brand that uses natural ingredients for best results.