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5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Acne/Pimple

Acne runs in the genes. There is no proven connection of getting acne because of the food one eats. It is just that some people are genetically prone to it. Though one cannot avoid it completely, there are certain steps one should follow to reduce its severity. It is tough to avoid it completely for those who are genetically aligned to get acne, but certain lifestyle changes can help reduce the severity of the problem.

5 Things You Should Never Do With Your Acne


What Causes Acne / Pimple?

Most people begin to get acne as soon as they hit puberty. A single red colored and sometimes puss filled boil on the face is called a pimple while a cluster of pimples are called acne. These have excess oil which is secreted or gets trapped in skin pores. These look very unsightly and can pop up at the most unexpected time. But now you need not worry as there are some simple steps to avoid the occurrence of acne all together by following a healthy and nutritious diet.

5 Golden Rules People Must Follow If They Have Acne / Pimple

1. Stop picking at the acne all the time: Picking or squeezing out acne forcibly all the time will cause the debris to push deeper into the skin and prolong the healing time.

2. Don’t over scrub your skin: Scrubbing your skin very frequently will aggravate the inflammation and irritate the skin. Over scrubbing also makes the face over dry. The naturals oils are robbed off the skin disturbing the skin’s PH balance. Just exfoliate once every week. Use a mild scrub as using a harsh one can cause skin abrasion and lead to open pores. Scrub gently over the pimples and rinse well.


3. Stop taking antibiotics or topical steroids: Until advised by your physician, do not apply steroids as they don’t treat the root of the acne. Antibiotics like tetracycline aggravate the acne. They also destroy the good and bad bacteria in the system. Good bacteria like probiotic bacteria like acidophilus promotes clear skin.

4. Avoid oily food or any other food that triggers your acne / pimple: It’s a good idea to avoid oily food if you have acne prone skin. Some people’s acne gets triggered by chocolates and for some its mangoes. One has to study one’s own body pattern and find out what triggers their acne.

5. Lastly, avoid stress: Stress leads to inflammation and degeneration. Stress affects your body and in many cases, it first shows on the skin in the form of breakouts. Meditate, practice yoga and exercise to lead a healthy life.

These above mentioned tips might help to reduce your acne breakouts though not completely cure it. Never let anyone make you feel inferior about your acne problem. You can try some home remedies like an ice massage or a green tea massage to get some relief. Remember that you are not getting acne because of something you do or eat. It will eventually cure on its own.



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