How to Exfoliate Different Skin Types?

Regular exfoliation removes the layer of dead and dry skin cells and paves the way for new skin underneath. It is the key factor in getting vibrant and firm-looking skin. But as every skin type is different, one must choose an exfoliator according to the skin type. Over-scrubbing may lead to redness on sensitive skin while using a mild exfoliator on normal skin may not reveal any results.

How to Exfoliate Different Skin Types?

Read on further to know more about Exfoliating Rules according to various Skin Types:


1. Acne Prone Skin:

One should avoid harsh scrubs as these can be too rough on the skin and might spread the bacteria around leading to active outbursts. One must limit exfoliating once a week to avoid breakouts. Beta hydroxyl acid is generally considered good for this type of skin.

2. Combination Skin:

Combination skin generally means an oily T zone and dry cheeks and forehead. This type of skin requires a dual-action exfoliator that can treat both dry and oily areas. Exfoliators with alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid are considered the best for this type of skin as they gently remove dry skin and also treat oily skin simultaneously.

3. Dry Skin:

This type of skin needs an exfoliator that can hydrate the skin and remove the dead skin cells also at the same time. Choose an exfoliator that contains beta hydroxyl and alpha hydroxy acids to remove the dead skin cells and also has some highly moisturizing ingredients which manage to lock in moisture in the skin cells.


4. Mature Skin:

As and when one matures, the skin’s capacity to synthesize collagen decreases which results in aged and mature-looking cells. One must choose an exfoliator that can trigger collagen synthesis and decrease pigmentation. Glycolic acid works wonders in matured skin.

5. Sensitive Skin:

One must use products that are devoid of aggressive ingredients and harsh chemicals. Choose exfoliators that occur naturally and do not cause inflammation.

Following the above-mentioned tips, one can exfoliate various skin types according to the requirement. One must ask a skin specialist to decipher their particular skin type. Often, some people have a combination skin, but mistake it to be a normal skin type. Experts have specific methods and tools to find out your exact skin type. This will help you get the right treatment for your skin.


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