Rose & Beetroot Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub, 100gm





Get ready for addictive rosy soft skin with Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Sugar Body Scrub that bestows glowing and polished skin. Gentle exfoliation powered by Sugar ‘Sarkara’ cleanses and softens skin to impart petal-soft polished texture. The granular formula backed by poppy seeds effectively eliminates dead skin cells and stimulates the outer layer to even-out skin tone. Mother Sparsh Rose & Beetroot Sugar Body Scrub is infused with lavender extracts to promote skin relaxation and revitalization. The energy booster, Arabic coffee, re-energises your skin, strengthens it from within and leaves it supple and firm. The elite harmony of rose, beetroot and other result-ensuring ingredients refresh your skin and treat dullness and uneven skin tone organically.