Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo With Egg Protein & Collagen, 250ml

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Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo with Egg Protein & Collagen is a natural and nourishing shampoo that helps to strengthen and revitalize hair. This 250ml bottle of shampoo is formulated with the goodness of egg protein and collagen, which are known for their ability to repair and nourish hair. Egg protein is rich in vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen hair and prevent breakage, while collagen helps to improve hair elasticity and shine. The shampoo is also enriched with other natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, which helps to soothe and moisturize the scalp. Its gentle formula is suitable for all hair types and is free from parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals, making it safe for daily use. Achieve healthy, strong, and shiny hair with Mamaearth Eggplex Shampoo with Egg Protein & Collagen.