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10 Healthy Winter Skin Care Tips to Combat This Winter

Cold weather can leave your skin dry and pulls out moisture from your skin leaving it dry, chapped, red, itchy and painful.

Deter cold air acting harshly on your skin with these tips for recuperating your skin’s moisture.

Drop-in temperature and low humidity can prove brutal for your skin. Skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis hastened during these months.

But there are so many ways by which you can nourish your skin and admire the frost perhaps outside your window, drawing smiles on the window pane.

10 Healthy Winter Skin Care Tips to Combat This Winter


Top 10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin:-

1. Take a Not so Long-Hot Shower

A hot long shower during winter might sound warming but it results in withered skin and washes away natural oils from your skin. So a hot long shower during winters is a Big-No! No!

So yeah, nothing could be better than a short lukewarm shower which relaxes you and your skin.

2. Limit Your Soap Use

Soaps can irritate your dry and itchy skins. Say “No” to soaps or use it to limited areas of your body.
Use fragrance-free soaps and detergents during winter seasons. Because pampering your skin is how you pamper yourself.

3. Moisturize Before it Dries

Apply moisturizer immediately after having shower. Moisturizing and hydrating your skin can help you combat the winter and gives you the edge.

Good moisture not just soothes your skin but helps your skin shine and keeps you flawless even during chilling winters.
Dermatologist suggests using the lighter, Hydrating Moisturizer for Oily Skins. For dry skin go for a hydrating moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid.

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4. Sun Can Harm Your Skin, Go for a Sunscreen

Winter suns are hidden but it might damage your skin even more than summer. Exposure to UV rays can burn your skin even more during winters. Risk of Skin cancer is one of the most important reasons for applying Sunscreen throughout the year. To keep your skin healthy and glowing use sunscreens before going out and don’t let the sun burn your charm.

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5. Water Your Guts

Staying hydrated during winter is need of the season. To avoid dry, chapped, itchy and irritated skin don’t forget to drink sufficient water and supply gentle care to your skin. That’s how your skin smiles.

6. Exfoliate The Skin

Let your dry, dead skin cells go away!
When you have dry, flaky skin it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin and bring them back to life.

7. Plan Your Diet

Cover your diet with fruits and vegetables. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables that help your body get necessary nutrients and provide natural moisture that your skin needs to stay healthy during winter winds because our body is all about what we eat. So eat fresh and healthy.

8. Warm Up Through Workouts!

Getting off blanket during winters is difficult but esoteric for your skin. Workout during winters boosts endurance and helps your skin evolving. Workout during winters is good for your mental as well as physical health. So run to have fun. Along with keeping your body warm it’ll also keep you going.

9. Don’t Forget to Replenish Your Skin

You need to Moisturize Your Skin more often during winter seasons. Especially at night apply moisturizer before you go to sleep. How you get up in the morning can make/break your day. So getting up fresh is very important.

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10. Dress Up Sharply!


Cover your body from blowing harsh winter winds. Wear comfortable clothes and sweaters. Must-not-forget your gloves, hats, scarves and socks. Avoid any material that irritates your skin. Be a color conscious, wear dark coloured clothes. Oh yes ! colors do matter.

And Woah you are ready to go!

You can conquer winter discomforts by following these simple tips and get yourself one step ahead of the chills and winters.

So this year, welcome your winters with absolute grace. ♥️

Which is your favorite Winter Skin Care tip? Share your opinions with us in comments.


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