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Hair Care: 7 Quick Home Remedies to Revive from Dull Locks

Hair Care is, unfortunately, a continuing battle to most of us. Fixing entangled curls to taking care dry locks, it turned out to be a steady struggle. Though, if you skirmish tangles, regular combing and a galore of various serums don’t appear a silver bullet all the time.

Of Course, Hair Care is vital for your personal growth. The upperpart of your hair seems delicate and fragile. So, any harmful damage will look dry and dreary hair. Reviving from these and having shinny one is everyone’s wish. For this, you might employ endless product that break the bank, but instead going salon and use expensive hacks, you can tag along some remedies with great care and patience.

Hair Care: 7 Quick Home Remedies to Revive from Dull Locks

These smart tips will break your dried out, flimsy curls and leaves you with elegant hair free from tangles. You can apply them right from the comfort of your home. Let’s have a look:


1. Hair Masks

You can prepare you homemade hair mask to prevent from dust and damage. What you need to do is combine two ingredients as coconut oil and Aloe Vera to make simple hair mask. Both of these are wonder for your hair growth. Firstly, you need to mix in equal proportion and make a gentle paste. After making paste, apply this on your hair and leave for at least an hour prior to wash your hair. This is simple method. While, you can also try another hair masks such as fenugreek masks, egg hair masks or a curd hair masks. It will pitch you in shinny hair and looks gorgeous.

2. Oil Therapy

Oiling in your hair is exceptionally essential as it gives gloomy look as well as provides great nourishment. Most of us overlook oiling on regular basis. Further, it’ll become one of big reasons, having dry and dull hair. So, it is evident to give yourself a relaxing hair oil massage with olive oil, coconut oil or the like. You can also use Sandalwood oil for proper massage. Oil therapy does not pitch you in reliving from worries but also prop up blood circulation that nourishes your hair.

3. Rinse With Tea

As tea is a stinging throat remedy, however, you can use it to revitalize your hair into natural gloomy. Once you’re done with regular shampoo wash, you can final rinse hair with unsweetened freshly tea. This will boost the color of your hair and gives shining. Chamomile tea should used by Blondes while Black tea is best to use by Brunettes. To darken the tresses, black tea is highly proposed.

4. Curd

Curd is richest source of vitamin B5 & Vitamin D which are vital for hair development as well as its growth. It facilitates your hair beams, fighting with any damage or dullness. The mixture of Amla and curd aids you to prevent from dryness too. You can combine two ingredients and apply on your scalp and hair, leaving for a minimum half an hour. After this, wash hair with placid sulfate free shampoo and finally end with proper conditioning. You can use this technique once or twice in a week.

5. Follow Right Diet

It is apparent to take a right diet with including enough nutrition to resolve hair care dullness issue. What you have applied on your hair, it doesn’t show significant results until and unless your hair is not nourished from inside. Thus, you must get a daily dose of healthy proteins, fats and nutrients. A Homemade Banana pack often gives marvelous outcomes to your hair. Adding to this, foods like almonds, seeds, eggs, Vitamin C rich source as orange, lemon along with citric fruits like lentils, bell pepper, amla and soya beans are quite great significant for healthy hair.

6. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds is tremendously useful to make dazzling hair. It is affluent in iron, protein, Vitamin C, Lecithin and Potassium. These nutrients work together to strengthen hair and help you to protect from damaging, dandruff and dreary.


What you can do is to soak the seeds overnight and blend it with adding a little water in morning. After this, apply this paste to your hair and remain for at least half an hour. Lastly, wash your hair with sulfate free shampoo and with proper conditioning. You can apply this past once in a week to revive dullness your hair.

7. Aloe Vera

While talking about Hair dryness, Aloe Vera plays an immense role to give a boosting effect. The profuse source of proteolytic enzymes, Aloe Vera, revamps the damaged cells in your tresses and further, allows boosting hair growth. It keeps hydrate and conditioned hair throughout the day to minimize frizz.

As Aloe Vera is a leaf, you need to extract clear crystal gel and make a blend with water. Stay this solution in hairspray bottle and shake well. Once you wash your hair or dried-out, spray the Aloe Vera solution on them for at least five minutes. It is recommended to use this solution for 3-4 times in a week.

Aren’t these amazing hacks? Why don’t you give it a try? There are immense hair tips to use without go outside. Massaging with butter, protect hair from heat using tools like hair straightened, trimming regularly and the rest. It’s high time to use these awesome tips and keep your hair away from dryness. Wish this’ll help you. For more amazing hacks, stay tune with us!

Which is your favorite Tips? Share your opinion with us.


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