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7 Amazing Trends Every College Girls Should Know to Look Smart

Every year, College fashion styles changes and crop up with latest trends. If you’re college going scholar, there’re lot of things brooding on mind to reflect first impression among seniors, colleagues and on the rest.  Fixing on what to wear or how to look smarter is always the sizzling matter for any girl. So, it’s better to stay updated with modern wears and looks.

7 Amazing Trends Every College Girls Should Know to Look Smart

In any life-phase, Youth seems out the most enthusiastic, vigorous and style- loving stage that strive out modern trends, music and styles right from the rest population. They engage themselves to look graceful and endeavor with bag of fashion tactics. A modern fashion styles is the perfect blend available to younger’s that not only provide beauty with comfort but also replicate sound image over others.

As the life in college is a roller coaster ride, particularly when you’re a fresher, there’re hundreds of thoughts might be upsetting you like social-group, academic burdens, ragging by seniors, colleagues and of course, wearing looks. It is so obvious that you can make positive lasting impact if dress up with modern comforts.

What to be dressed to impress everyone around you in college?  This question might pops up to every college going girl mind. Looking elegant is directly proportional to what you feel about yourself. If you’ll be confident, it implies you dressed properly. College life is one of best ever sending time. Everyone wants to craft blissful memories in this treasured voyage. So, don’t expend these memories, looking scruffy and unattractive.


Set off to college is all about saying good-bye to school uniforms and dispose your fashionable self.  No one can stop you looking decent turned out now. Following are mentioned must have wear-out that every college going girl will love to jazz p their outfits. It time show off your fashion diva.

1. Palazzo Pants

One of the latest selling items on these days is palazzos. These are available with reasonable rate and in every possible color, texture which makes you great to go off college if you feel sluggish to dress up. Palazzos have made a gigantic comeback in market like never before. As time passes, throngs have seen immense interest, flaunting this in a fashion trend. In India, women has tried new ways to look flabbergast with these palazzos pants.

Wearing a palazzo with a simple top and bunch up your hair in ponytail or big bun plays the part of cool, casual chic look with ease. It’s good fit if you wear with any kurta to look decent for events.

2. Skinny Jeans

If you want to look versatile, you must try out skinny jeans as this will add more charisma to your personality. No attire can make your legs good like skinny jeans. It is simple to pair up with any kind of top and any form of footwear. A range of colored jeans are available that suits you the most and can put them to feel comfortable if you’re walking, studying or any college celebrations.

What’s more, the trend of jeans appears awesome to all body types as it flatters or smoothes out the lower half. Anyone can wear it with heels, sneakers or flats without looking as fashion disaster.

3. Printed Kurta

If you’re looking for everlasting fashion trends, Kurta’s were always be in your bucket-list as they brings cooler appearance and pointed modish from the masses. It is one of tempting attire which must-have in every wardrobe of girls. Now, in market, there’re a range of colored kurtis are offered with various styles either in long or short one. With most colleges, obliging dress code, one can’t go wrong with Kurta. You can wear it as per your convenience.

Plain, colored or bright colors kurtis will make a perfect supplement over your Jeans, trousers, palazzos or leggings. The best thing about this attire, bringing an ethnic look and it’s quite inexpensive, varying from range to range. Every girl can bestow colorful twist to daily fashion trend by sporting regular jeans with printed Kurta. Alternatively, wearing kurti with trousers, pants or leggings will create a wonderful contrast.

4. Strive Denims

Mostly, it is advised you to go far from denims and try out some other alternatives. But, What if you like them or you’re all time jeans lover, then no one can stop you putting on? If you have accurate shape not as skinny one, then you don’t need to cover your measurements.  A regular stretchable outfit is the ideal picking for every average girl. Buying a branding quality denims don’t seem overspend. A college girl can have a minimum three or four various types namely, the dark one, typical blue-colored, lightly washed, loose fitting or meddled torn when you strive out denims.

If you’re weary with all these kinds, you can widen the wardrobe. A few selections like smart trousers, Chinos, Shorts, linen or textured or wool pants or cargo gets over denim-tiresome. There is plethora of varieties presented under each kind which you can discover to mark a peculiar group outing or social presentation.


5. Elbow-Cut Tops

One of huge hit in this season is the elbow cut tops that preferred by most of girls and they can be wear for college if you’re trying hard looking stylish and classy. These kinds of outfits are presented at shops in various big brands and don’t require any maintenance. You can buy them at affordable prices either from online or offline store. A colored top will make you look well and decent. One can pick the best texture that matches their lower one or apt to put it with jeans or any other outfits.

6. Formal Look

If you’re first day scholar in college, a formal look can too drive robust attention rest from other colleagues. More often than not, girl’s belief that an extremely makeup, multicolored and expensive attire will give a fancy look. Might be it suited to some girls but if you’re simple, you can give yourself a formal look. In College, there’re a lot of situations where a formal wear is compulsory like in training, interviews in last year, exhibitions and the like. Since it a formal, but you can discover endless ways under this segment.

Combination of alluring shirt, jeans with leather bag or prefer a simple top, jagging with a scarf will give a pretty appearance. Don’t overlook, try creative by wearing proper watch, matching footwear, stylish bags and other whichever fitted you the most.

7. Long Shirts

Last but not least, a long Shirts or T-Shirt will be the great choice that defines you the most. It is a form of casual wear that extended an alluring dress. This versatile fashion drift offers you number of choices for knee lengths, hemlines and sleeve lengths. Long shirts are good one to wear for college because it allows free movement and feel comfortable with looking chic.

A college-going girl can pair it with skinny leggings, jeans and cool sneakers that ultimate gives a dashing look. Picking up color varies from every girl. Though, Solid color makes a powerful effect. You can try with different hues & different neck-shapes; it’ll let you judge for yourself to what fits you.

So, we expect the above amazing fashion trends, mixed with great sense of style and creativity will certainly up your game if you’re more concerned with wearing modern attire. It will help you to make best impression whenever you go out college or meeting to someone else. Hence, it’s imperative to put on fashionable outfits along with comport. For more fashion tips, keep in touch with us. Once you visit our site, you’ll come across latest trendy styles! Stay Tune!

Which is your favorite College Wear? Share your opinion with us.


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