How to Choose Perfect Bag for Complete Look

Women’s Handbags are not only a useful accessory but also a major stylish add-on. Since years, women have known to hoard bags of all kinds in every color and style possible. The women handbag industry is a booming business with many high-end brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Versace and others topping the lists. There are many affordable and mid-range bags available in the market too.

How to Choose Perfect Bag for Complete Look

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag to match with your attire, many women manage to make a major fashion faux pas. The perfect bag is not only about the color-coordination but what is most important is the occasion and the requirement. You cannot carry a party clutch to the shopping mall and neither can you carry a cross-body sling to an evening formal event. There are many do’s and don’ts when donning the perfect bag for that complete look and here is a brief about finding the perfect bag.


1. Work Bags

Your work bag can be your most trustworthy bag as it may contain all your work documents, files, pen drive, keys, laptops and also your notebook of important notes. While choosing the perfect bag for your work, ensure that it is more on the practical and efficient side and is not flashy. It should also have carefully separated sections to help you keep your stuff organized. The perfect work bag depends largely on the type of profession you have. A durable satchel bag is the perfect work bag for doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs and business owners. It also works best if you use public transport. An artist’s work bag can be large tote bag which is spacious enough to carry his tools and equipments.

• Tote Bags

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• Laptop Bags

Laptop bags for women can be colorful, spacious and full of style.

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2. Shopping Bags

Shopping bag can be a woman’s favorite category in bags. There are many kinds of shopping bags available but one that is most preferred is a shoulder bag. Do not pick a shoulder bag with uncomfortable straps keeping in mind that you might have to carry your shopping bag on your shoulders for long while shopping at malls. A shopping bag should be large, comfortable on the shoulder and also should have a few zipper compartments inside to keep your small belongings like keys, makeup kit, money, etc.

• Tote Bags or a Shopper Bags

A shopping cum tote bag for women essentially comes with 2 large shoulder handles and a large bag.

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3. Travel Bags

Travel bag as the name suggests come in many designs and styles. You can find hobo bags perfect for weekend travels and also duffel bags perfect for a week-long travel. You can get smart back packs to carry all your travel essentials comfortably on your back. Hobo bags have a stylish shape with comfortable shoulder straps. A classy addition to your wardrobe, bucket bags are generally quite spacious and essentially handheld. They are perfect for short picnics, weekend travels and family outings.

• Backpack

These bags are perfect for travelling as you can wear them on your shoulder and put all your personal requirements, toiletries, wallets and more.

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• Hobo Bags

This one is a smart travel bag that can be used for storing personal toiletries as well.

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• Bucket Bags

These are really in currently as they are quite spacious.

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4. Casual Bags

There are many cross-body bags or small casual clutch bags which are perfect for casual outings, movies or hanging around with friends. Cross body bags have a long strap that one can easily take across your body. The size of the bag can vary from small, petite to oversize. A casual clutch is non-flashy and just spacious enough to carry some money and phone.

• Cross Body Bags

These can be used as stylish bags for travelling to school or college or casual outings.

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5. Evening Bags

Evening bags are quintessentially flashy, stylish and meant for formal events and functions. They come in clutches when you have to clutch them in hand or in small chain straps which you can carry on your shoulders. These sometimes have wristlets making them hand-held bags.

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The above guide will help you never go wrong with your bag choice. Ensure that you always flaunt the perfect bag to complete your look!



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