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Best Hair Color for Women Based on Skin Tone

Hair coloring is popular among women and that is because it offers an easy way to transform the look. There could be plenty of reasons why you would be eager to do it. Some women resort to hair color change simply because they are bored with their current look. However, some are eager to add expression. It allows you to add volume and also brings shine in the hair. A strategically placed hair color helps to enhance facial features and the benefits are too many for women thinking on these lines.

It is a welcome decision if you have decided to change your hair color. However, the need of the hour is to tread with care. Best hair color for women chosen rightly can give a radical makeover, but at the same time women have also regretted thrie choice of color but one must understand the basics of good hair color. The key will be to select based on your skin tone.

Best Hair Color for Women in India Based on Skin Tone


Range of Hair Colors for Women with Fair Skin Tone

There are multiple hair color options for women with fair skin tone and these are the options at your disposal.

1. The first option we would like to mention is Ash brown. If you have natural black tresses, it would suit perfectly with diffused notes of silver and brown color. This is also referred to as mushroom brown and could be an alternative for women seeking brunette hair. You can choose the Streax Ash color.

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2. The use of auburn color is perfect if you intend to trick people into thinking that you are naturally redheaded. Women who have fair skin are better off with a combination of brown-based auburn with pink undertones. You can choose Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color Dark Auburn.

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3. The golden ombre is another option for women with fair skin tone. These are simply able to create magic to your look. This is in trend these days, and you can try it out. You can choose Streax Hair Colour – Golden Blonde.

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Range of Hair Colors for Women with Wheatish / Fairer Skin Tone

There are also multiple options for women of this skin color and you will love them as we discuss with you the details. For this set of colors discussed below, you can choose the brand L’Oréal Paris Excellence fashion Highlights as they have the coolest shades.

1. You can try the subtle honey blonde color. Do you desire a sun-baked look for yourself? A mix of amber brown and golden yellow will offer you just the look and help to bring out the wow factor from onlookers.

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2. The next hair color option at your disposal is chocolate brown. This is the perfect color from the brand Naturigin permanent hair color for the olive skin beauties. It resembles with dessert chocolate.

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3. The burgundy red hair color is another option for girls with wheatish skin tone. It is a wine-inspired color and ideal if you intend to stand out in the crowd.

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Range of Hair Colors for Women with Dusky Skin Tone

Until now we have spoken about hair color options for women with fairer skin tones, however, your skin tone could be dusky but one need not have to worry. There are hair color options for women who fall in this segment.

1. The first colour we would suggest is chestnut brown. Your skin could have the warmth of red and via this hair color; you get the scope to display waves of brown. This combination should offer the scope to add the warmth of looks without getting too dramatic. Try out an organic brand, Indus Valley 100% Botanical Organic Hair Color – Chestnut Brown for your hair.

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2. Peachy pink is another option women with such skin color can try out. It is best described as a fashion-forward hair makeover. This hair color should make onlookers compare you to pink hair Barbie dolls.

3. You can also try out the midnight blue color and that should help to create a style statement. This colour is best observed from the brand BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour Golden Orange, will live up to your expectations.

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These are some of the options we shared. If chosen wisely and appropriately, you will definitely stand out. You will feel more confident and beautiful, though you already are..!

Which is your favorite Hair Color? Share your opinion with us.


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