10 Best Face Serums for Your Oily & Dry Skin
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10 Best Face Serums for Your Oily & Dry Skin

Are you sucked up with daily moisturizers and creams?  Wanting to apply a new generation skin products and give a ballsy skin turnout? A luxury indulgence- SERUM is one of modern and most sought-after skin product, helping you to keep your skin protected, nourished and hydrated. When it comes to overhauling skin complexion, a great SERUM makes biggest difference. Right from invigorating to moisturizing and glowing skin, this gentle mixture is cream of the crop. A fine bottle of SERUM promises an ultimate protection from every unwanted impact on your skin.

Wondering, how SERUM does really add charisma to your skin? Well, it has contained the robust ingredients that perk up your skin than any moisturizer or a cream. It facilitates to rebalance the glut sebum of your face and thereafter, turning into a bright nourished and healthier skin. With a few drop of SERUM applying prior retiring to bed, you can turn out a fresh, rejuvenate and blushing skin like never before. Be it anti-aging elixir or super-hydrated segment, a supreme quality of SERUM has great power to transform better skin health.

Most often, there’re ample adds-on beauty products revealing each day, folks might got baffled which is perfect to choose. A SERUM is similar skin product you might not well-aware of. Different forms of this mixture available in market for skincare regime, either for daytime or night-time. So, for faster and better fallouts, you need to pick up the right SERUM product.

Seeking out the right SERUM product will hydrate you from the oily and dry skin without any fuss or greasy. Whatever be your skin issues, we’ve come up with 10 very best faces SERUM right here. Take a closer insight and try them out:

1. Olay Serum Regenerist Microsculpting Serum

50 ML | Rs. 1408*

The prominent face serum, Collagen Peptide of Olay Regenerist, guarantees a lovely and firmer looking skin that glow within a week. For your oily skin, it comes out an anti-aging formula which is superficially designed to flourish the deepest layers of the skin and further moisturizing it. This great hydrated serum bestow you younger appearance as it is made with fine mixture of collagen peptide.

Pros: Literally, it is an Ultra-lightweight formula that lessens deep wrinkles and restores skin’s elasticity. On applying, skin appearance will be firmer, non-greasy and fast-absorbing. Works superb on all skin-forms and hydrated it immediately.

Cons: After applying it, you might feel heavy on skin. It can result in redness on your skin if not using it meticulously.

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 2. Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum

30 ML | Rs. 990*

If you’re goings step to meet all the serum needs, then LAKME will not surely sweat over it. Varying from different to particular serums ranges, it is apt to use and fulfill the requirements in your compact. The Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum is one of preeminent solution for skin glow and a party makeover. With adding some drop on your foundation, you’re set to have a perfect appearance and fresh look.

Pros: It is fine mixture of sleekly, sturdy black and glossy ice packaging. Texture is considerably, smooth and very light-weight, spreads easily. A non-oily, sticky serum hydrated your face properly and thereby, gives a soft skin.

Cons: Lakme Absolute Skin serum might smell you awful. With no regular usage, you skin doesn’t altered and starts greasy during humid weather.

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3. Be The Skin – Botanical Pore Serum

50 ML | Rs. 2500*

This go-to serum is pioneer formula if you skin produces excess oil or make it greasy. A fantastic amalgamation of botanical herbs, sea plants and Alaskan glacier water is helpful to lessen oil production through minimizing size of your skin pores. Packed with natural ingredients, it soothes the skin and gets rid of skin acnes, blackheads, oiliness, pores and uneven skin texture.

Pros: Likewise above, it is light-weight sebum-controlling formula, quickly get absorbed. It has no harmful chemicals as it’s a Paraben-free skin solution, containing herbal components.

Cons: Since it is made with natural ingredients, there’s no drawback to apply it on your face. It might infuriate if no cure has been done while using it.

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4. Hyaluronic Acid (Vitamin C & E) – TruSkin Serum

30 ML | Rs. 4893*

The powerful anti-aging formula is highly infused with active natural components which ease you out from face wrinkles and unwanted fine lines. For your greasy skin, best face TruSkin Serum removes your fine lines through plumping skin tissues and thereafter, doesn’t cause any breakouts to feel oily on your facade. It boosts out collagen and perks up your skin brightening, firming and revive youthful complexion.

Pros: TruSkin hydrates skin cells as it is made with good mixture of Vitamin C and E. Absorbs comparatively fast without choking the pores that doesn’t left out any residue. A cruelty-free and GMP certified is safe and secured for sensitive skin appearance.

Cons: Infused as thin consistency, its odor may not be pleasing to you and its pumping is hard to press down.

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5. Mixify Unloc Skin Glow Face Serum

30 ML | Rs. 499*

For both Men & Women, this face glow serum is supreme formula that infused with natural plant extract of Licorice, Mulberry, Vitamin- C and AHAs. It transforms dull skin to radiant and healthier. The Vitamin-C is good anti-oxidant, helps you in lessening dark blackheads, spots and pigmentation and further, makes brighter appearance. It is completely suitable for summer’s season as it free from greasy and a non-comedogenic, paraben and sulfate-free formula.

Pros: Unloc Mixify smoothen your skin and easily absorbs to give a perfect fairness and glow. This gentle serum is lightweight and apt for skin acne problems. Moreover, it’s superior for dry, oily and even, sensitive skin.

Cons: There’s no drawback of using this serum. Though, if you break regularity, it may cause into unwanted fallouts.

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6. Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum

30 ML | 13,466

Made with two kinds of hyaluronic acid and fine amalgamation of active fruit extracts (apple, watermelon & lentil), a peptide and an antioxidants mixture leave your skin with a refresh and smooth façade. This Ultra-light formula provides a short and long duration moisture skin; lessen face wrinkles and fine lines. You can apply this serum to add hydration or to acquire younger-looking skin. Due to fruit extract, it is a reliable antioxidant serum for greasy facade.

Pros: It keeps you skin nourished, alleviates face tightness and recover from fine line skin problems. It is a perfect non-sticky and non-greasy solution that provides robust anti-oxidants benefits. Easily to apply and no irritation you’ll feel afterwards.

Cons: Your skin might cause dryness after its usage. Regarding cost, like every product differs from quality, it might seem high-priced compared with other skin product.

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7. First Aid Beauty (Fab) Skin Lab Retinol Serum

If you’re newbie to serum, you can begin with Fab skin Lab which includes, considerably, a low amount of retinol. It is ideal go-formula to apply on your greasy skin. A fine blend of vitamin C and other skin-reliving components of aloe Vera, ceramides and oatmeal extracts help you to overcome from skin related concerns. Designed for sensitive appearance and novice users, it facilitates to soothe your fine lines and wrinkles, imparting a youthful & firmer-looking complexion.

Pros: An effective 0.25% concentration of pure retinol is a clinically proven and safest solution. There are no mineral oils present in this formula. You’ll find no artificial color as well as fragrance. This is best vegan formula which is Gluten-free, Paraben and Sulfate-free mixture.

Cons: As it is economically-friendly product, there’s no drawback to make use it. With great cure, one can use it regularly.

8. ESSA Skin Care – Vita-C Whip Moisturizer

Infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin-C, this commendable potent serum is refined formulated for greasy and oily facade. The ESSA Skin Care fetches for a silky and smooth whipped lotion that hydrates your sensitive skin and make sit gleaming look out. Comparatively others, this moisturizer is non-irritating, non-greasy, non-oily and non-sticky which upgrade the skin routine and invest in ever-lasting fallouts.

Pros: It boosts collagen production and minimizes your unwanted dark spots. Absorbs quickly and improves skin elasticity. A dermatologist-certified and cruelty-free product helps to keep your skin hydrating and moisturizing.

Cons: It has quite greasy texture and the bottle might run out shortly.


9. The yellow Bird- Blue Tancy Face Oil

For all skin types, it is perfect nourishment for greasy, sensitive, oily and blotch prone skin. It lessens the appearance of wrinkles, alleviate collagen and revive skin’s flexibility. You can revitalize and brighten up your skin using The Yellow bird serum. Infused with natural components of blue tansy, camellia, jojoba oil and milk thistle, you can impart flexibility and softness to your skin.

Pros: It cut down fine line and wrinkles, adding glow to your skin. A natural skincare formula is vegan and cruelty-free product, containing anti-glycation chattels to slow skin-aging. Blue Tancy face oil is free of synthetic and dyes preservatives.

Cons: its odor may find you unpleasant and can cause irritation to sensitive skin.

10. Simplified Skin – Hyaluronic Acid Serum

A Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals, this simplified serum for greasy skin is enhanced with proper blend of aloe Vera, vitamins, jojoba oil and green tea. It is an advanced formulation that prevents breakouts, lessen wrinkles and brighten skin tenor. Specially designed for improving skin texture, it provides intense moisture and hydration to your skin.

Pros: The Hyaluronic Acid serum makes the skin supple and softer. It is cruelty-free and paraben-free product, containing natural elements to improve skin texture. This skin product is helpful to boost up Collagen, shrink pores and brighten skin-aging.

Cons: It is comparatively a thick texture. You may feel heavy while you apply on your skin.

Final Verdict

So, if you’re very careful about your skin appearances, a pinch of serum can made the trick. A lightweight facade serum infiltrate deeper to bestow active components to your skin. By using any type of serum, you can regularly make a firmer and smother skin and ultimately, increase moisture levels. Don’t wait more. For your healthier look, pick out any of these fabulous serums and let feel better than ever before.

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